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1. Customer service

If you have any problem when ordering, shipping, tracking, exchange, return and refund, please contact us. We are always here to help you.

                                                      Email: sales@urkoolwear.com



2.  Why Choose US


● Latest Most Popular Streetwear & Hypebeast Clothing, Unique & Exclusive
● Affordable Luxury Style
● Worldwide Fast Shipping
● Premium Quality & Good Price
● 100% Fit Guarantee
● Great Customer Service
● Trusted by 500,000+ Customers



3. Security

100% safe. Our site is SSL secured web site, 128/256 Bit encryption, protection for your information and payment.


4. Guarantee

 100% guarantee to get your orders, or will get your refund.  


5. Tax

No tax.              


6. Currencies

 We accept all currencies, Your currency will be auto exchanged to USD when checking out.


7. Size Guide

Our size is USA Standard size, true to size, please choose your normal USA size. If you are not sure your size, please contact us to check.


8.  Notice

All clothes are designed by Urkool designer team and made by Urkool company, to guarantee the quality. Urkool do not have supplier, do not be cheated by the fake supplier's poor quality.


9. Payment failed

We accept both Credit Card & Paypal payment. please check more from here: https://www.urkoolwear.com/payment

If your payment is failed, please contact with us. If your card do not support international payment, please call your bank to fix the problem or pay by Paypal. You can pay by credit card and debit card in Paypal.


10. Tracking Your Order

We suggest you register to checkout, thus you can track your order conveniently on our website.